Savers, Inc Day of Community Service at Einstein Charter School

February 26th, 2016

On January 27, 2016, Over 400 staff members of Savers, Inc. participated in a day of Community Service at Einstein Charter School in New Orleans East.  They planted 60 Trees creating a Fruit Orchard, Painted 12 Classrooms, Spread 100 yards of Mulch, and planted a School Garden.  The day was a TREEmendous success and sincerely appreciated by Einstein Charter School students, faculty, staff, and parents.


TESTIMONIAL – Received January 31, 2016:

RE: Recent Project at Einstein School

Good afternoon to Connie, Robin and the entire group at NOLA. I was a part of the magnificent afternoon set up between Ken Alterman CEO/President of Savers and your group to plant and paint the Einstein School. What an amazing afternoon it was. From the moment we were told what our mission for the afternoon to the finish, the outpouring from your team, the school, and the indelible feeling of accomplishment and appreciation of the opportunity to be able to help that we will carry for so many years to come is almost too much to put into words. Personally, I feel blessed to have had such a grand opportunity to show a part of our company that is usually held to much smaller simple endeavors. This huge undertaking by so many on what would have been a lengthy project for a small group or individual, exemplifies just how the scope of work changes so dramatically when the hands get multiplied along with the enthusiasm of a team fueled by such love and support for the good endings set in place. And yes , it’s only trees, mulch, bushes, and paint, but the residual effect on the children at the school, as well as the community they serve again leaves me with an uplift unmatched. Many of us have asked that we incorporate this type of helping project for each year at our conference to continue this giving we all live by through the year.

What this started, or at least brought to light, I hope carries each year to new heights. I look forward to any updates you wish to send back on the projects you do, as well as updates on the first crop at the school. They will quietly help fuel whatever our next project will be, large or small with that “see what we can do”

Graciously, thank-you

James K Barclay

Manager at Savers