What We Do

"We’re growing stronger, healthier communities with the help of thousands of volunteers every year! From tree planting to home repair these exciting volunteer projects are making our city one of the most livable cities in America!"

#GreauxHealthyKids & Community Orchards

Fruit tree orchards planted in schoolyards become “living classrooms” increasing access to fresh fruit and eco-literacy for thousands of kids in our city!

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Urban Forestry Program

Tree plantings and maintenance on public greenspaces, in parks, and neighborhoods across the city.

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Big TREEsy Giveaway

Our wildly successful tree giveaways offer trees to homeowners and planters across the city free of charge, and run educational workshops on the importance, care, and maintenance of trees.

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Community Service Projects

Volunteer projects in the community: from painting and repairs in schools and community centers to rebuilding houses … if it improves the quality of life for our neighbors and community then we do it!

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Flood Disaster Recovery

We are pulling together volunteers to start the critical work of clean up and gutting

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