Big TREEsy Giveaways presented by Entergy and sponsored by Apache Corporation



Presented by Entergy

Presented by Entergy

Sponsored by Apache Corporation

NOLA Tree Project hosts The Big TREEsy Giveaways for Orleans Parish Residents ONLY!

Please Bring Your Orleans Parish Picture ID! 

The Big TREEsy Giveaway of 500 Trees 

Saturday, February 19, 2022
8:00 am – 11:00 am
Louisiana Nature Center
11000 Lake Forest Blvd.
New Orleans, LA  70128

Available Trees:

Gingko * Little Gem Magnolia * Japanese Magnolia * Sweet Bay Magnolia * Japanese Maple * Sweet Olive * Pecan * Persimmon * Pomegranate

Red Bud * Green Ash * Bald Cypress * Pond Cypress * Red Maple * Live Oak * Shumard Oak * Nuttall Oak

Crape Myrtle * Tulip Poplar * Bottle Brush * Vitex * Spruce Pine * Mayhaw * Savannah Holly * Sycamore * Grancy Grey Beard

Fruit Trees for Sale:

$40 each: Southern Cherry * Meyer Lemon * Hamlin (Louisiana Sweet) Orange * Blood Orange * Navel Orange * Key Lime * Kieffer Lime * Satsuma * Grapefruit

Olive ($45) * Hass Avocado ($50)


Our remarkably successful tree giveaway program:

• Gives away 3000 free trees for residents throughout each of the five districts of the city.

• Educates the community through workshops on tree planting and maintenance, storm water management and the vital role trees play environmentally.

• Increases community access to fresh fruit with our reduced priced fruit tree sales.