Greaux Healthy Kids & Community Orchards

Every child has a right to healthy food. NOLA Tree Project will provide access to fresh fruit and eco-literacy for thousands of kids through our #GreauxHealthyKids initiative. Our goal is to plant fruit orchards at 20 low income schools in New Orleans this year, with a larger goal of 100 schools over the next five years and we need your help to do it!

Our community orchards are fruit trees planted on formerly vacant and blighted lots, at community centers and in parks primarily in lower income neighborhoods across the city.

Margaret Orr has been an advocate for New Orleans public greenspaces since 1989. Beginning with the restoration of the Sunken Gardens in the Lakeview neighborhood, she has used her platform as Chief Meteorologist at WDSU TV to advocate for greenspace initiatives across the region.

Chef Cory Bahr of Restaurant Nonna and Cotton has also joined forces with the NOLA Tree Project and is looking forward to helping NTP expand their mission and vision across Louisiana.

Margaret and Chef Cory’s passionate belief that all people deserve fresh, healthy food led to a partnership with NOLA Tree Project to create the #GreauxHealthyKids Community Orchard program, which plants fruit orchards in parks, on vacant lots, at schools and community centers across the city. Margaret sponsored the first #GreauxHealthyKids orchard, and thanks to her passion and vision, 16 community orchards, with over 500 fruit trees, have been planted since 2015, bringing eco-literacy and fresh fruit to thousands of New Orleans’ children & families.

As our spokespersons, Margaret and Chef Cory lead by example, never missing an orchard planting or Big TREEsy Giveaway. Thanks to their enthusiastic support, Entergy, the John Besh Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners, New Orleans Hash House, Harriers Red Dress Run, Chisesi Signature Homes and many others have followed suit and sponsored orchards.